My dog is starting to become aggressive. Help!

My dog is starting to become aggressive. Can you help me?

We consistently work with aggressive and reactive dogs. Oftentimes, the dog was a sweet puppy with good manners. Owners will tell us that “something changed” – especially between the ages of 1 and 2, causing their dog to become aggressive. Almost 100% of these dogs have not been through proper training, which makes them more susceptible to aggressive or reactive behavior.  Let’s address some of the top signs dogs suddenly show aggression.

The biggest culprit is lack of proper training. Training is the best way to ensure your dog is behaving in an appropriate manner. Obedience training teaches dogs structure, discipline, boundaries and decision making skills. Look for a certified trainer who can help you and your dog. Read their reviews, look at their videos online and check out their work.

The most second common reason for aggression is lack of socialization. Dogs learn from other dogs, which is a useful training tool. Dogs require socialization to learn how to interact just as children require the same thing to learn how to fit in with their friends. Making playdates with other dogs is a great way to socialize in a controlled and safe manner. Socialization is not letting your dog run up to other dogs at will. Being well socialized can make a huge difference in your dog’s behavior.

Dogs also being to show aggression because it was allowed to happen at a gradual pace. Your dog might have growled at something or show another sign of aggression. Instead of correcting the behavior, it was encouraged or ignored. If the unwanted behavior was encouraged or ignored, it gives the dog further permission to behave in a similar way.

It is never too late to address your dog’s behavior. Younger dogs tend to be easier to assist, but you can have tremendous success with older dogs. The keys are patience and consistency. The sooner you address the aggressive or reactive behavior, the better. Look for a dog trainer that specializes in aggression.

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