Board and Train or Lessons With My Dog?

Board and Train or Lessons – which is the best one to pick? We often are asked, “Is it better for me to do lessons with my dog or the 2-Week Board and Train program?”

This training is for dogs who are at least five to six months old, potty trained and not aggressive or reactive to other dogs or people. Aggressive or reactive dogs are better suited for our Dog Aggression Package. We send daily updates during training, so you can follow the progress of your dog. At the end of the training, there is a turnover which lasts approximately two hours. We show you what your dog has learned and how to give the commands. A common question we are asked, “Will my dog listen to me at the end of training or just to the trainer?” Your dog will listen to you and your family members as we explain how to properly give the commands and maintain the same level of obedience displayed during training. We have you practice the commands in front of us, to make sure you are comfortable and know what to do. The Board and Train comes with a Lifetime Training Warranty, meaning if you ever need a refresher, it’s free for the life of your dog.
In summary, the best training option is whichever program is best suited for your lifestyle. We always recommend the Board and Train if you are busy (as most people are), but still want to achieve the best results for your dog. If you have the time each day, lessons might be the path to consider. Give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions. (805) 335-2144 or


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