Can Dog Aggression Be Fixed?

“Can dog aggression be fixed?” Dog aggression can come in the forms of aggressiveness towards other dogs, people or food. The answer is not black and white – it has several variables. It depends on the severity of the issue, the length of time elapsed and the dog’s prior history. If any trainer tells you they can 100% fix aggression, be wary.

Just like some humans might always display some form of aggressive behavior, so will dogs. The key is managing the aggression through training, consistency and being prepared. If your dog displays any aggressiveness toward other dogs or humans, do not allow them to be off leash in public. We have received calls similar to this, “He is a sweet boy, but he’s bitten other dogs. He just wants to play. I don’t know why other dog owners get angry with me.” If your dog has a bite history, it is your responsibility to have them under control at all times. Keep yourself, your dog and others safe.

The first step in behavior modification with aggressive dogs involves ensuring the owner(s) understand their role in the process. No amount of training will assist with forward, measurable progress if there is not consistency starting in the home. The owner plays a crucial role in this process.

Dogs can also display aggressiveness if they are not getting enough exercise, as the energy has to get out somehow. If a dog is not socialized or is in an uncomfortable living space, aggressive behavior can be displayed. If your dog rules your house and does not know its place, chances are the dog is behaving badly.

Our Dog Aggression Lessons, start with structured obedience, then focus on the problem area. Make sure you are working with a Certified Trainer with experience in the field and who can show you their work. There are lots of good trainers out there, but not all of them are qualified to work with aggression or reactivity.

If you have an aggressive dog (people aggression, dog aggression, food aggression, etc) and you want to help make him/her better, contact us to get started. To see our work, please visit our YouTube Page.

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